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From small beginnings all things spring:  

It was 2019. Many children were born in the circle of friends. And just like you might be feeling right now, we've been looking for a great gift. Unfortunately, nothing met our expectations and we couldn't find a shop that would provide personalized items in the shortest possible time. At the time, I had a very clear idea of what the products should look like:
I would like toys and cuddly toys made of natural materials for the newborn children, which meet all the important safety standards, but are also a beautiful sight for the parents. I wanted to make both parents and baby happy together.
My motto: sometimes less is simply more.
Simple colors in combination with wood is just a joy to look at and it warms my heart when I see the children's eyes beaming.
At that time I was simply satisfied with other articles and knew: that's what's missing here on the Swiss market. An official and professional shop with baby items, which are made of high quality materials and are shipped in the shortest possible time despite the personalization.
So we got together.
My mother Esther and I Lara.



















We have researched a lot on the internet and of course looked at the competition as well as different suppliers and have now found a way to customize harmonious, loving and high-quality items for you.
We have a large stock of different crochet beads, wooden beads, decorative elements as well as silicone beads. This enables us to create the sets or individual pieces within +/- 2 working days.
Since I already have my own family, of course, we work from two production sites. This allows us to split up the work so that the orders are shipped on time and you get your orders in your mailbox as quickly as possible.

It's so beautiful and means a lot to us that we built this shop together. We have always had a very deep and good relationship with each other. All the better that we were able to set up a shop together and that we are driven by the same passion. Sometimes we feel like we are artists when we are allowed to put together your products. :-) We love it when a beautiful wagon chain, soother chain or mobile is created from a lot of individual pieces. We do this with a lot of passion and joy and it is important to us that you can feel and see our love for the products.
We are always trying to improve and expand our products.


We would like to thank you for your feedback and messages. You guys are great! It's so nice to hear or read that you appreciate our work and that you can feel our passion and joy in the article.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported us on our way since then and also many thanks to you visitors for trusting us and our products.

We are looking forward to the coming time and to designing many more great products for you.
Best regards
Lara and Esther


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