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Production and shipping information

Production time:

As we assemble the customised/personalised items by hand,
Our production time (excluding shipping time) is +/- 2 working days.
Please note that the production time of Mobile takes +2-3 days more. Thank you for your understanding.
We do this with a lot of love and joy.

Shipping method:

You are welcome to select the shipping method before the payment process.

We offer you the following shipping methods: 
Express Shipping (1-2 business days)
B Mail shipping (3-5 working days)
The price is automatically adjusted to the size of the order.
from 7CHF postage
  With  package tracking.

Our fees are a flat rate of:

Dispatch packaging final inspection


We do not offer returns for our products because we are constantly adjusting our stock through our express shipping. Also for hygienic reasons we cannot make any exceptions.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

payment methods

- Immediately
- Credit card

If you do not have one of these payment methods, please feel free to contact us.
We are going to find a solution.

Application & safety regulations

The safety of your pot of gold is our top priority!

Despite our high-quality products, there may be signs of wear and tear after long and intensive use. For the safety of your gold treasure, please check the products regularly. In the event of defects or deficiencies, you can contact us at any time. We do not recommend doing your own repairs, we are here for you.

You may contact us at any time.

Safety regulations and instructions for use for pearl products

safety regulations

When selecting our products, safety and quality are our top priorities. Our products are manufactured according to DIN EN 12586 (standard for pacifier holders) in compliance with safety regulations. 
The products are selected according to the requirements of DIN EN 71-3
(Standard for migration of certain elements from toys/toy material).
All components are:

  • non-toxic

  • sweat and saliva resistant

--> Color wear cannot be permanently avoided after contact with saliva, but this is not a reason for complaint.
Because of the risk of strangulation in babies and small children, the maximum length of the soother chain is limited to 22 cm.


Instructions for use

Attention: Please read and observe the following safety instructions carefully!

  • NEVER leave the bead product/toy UNATTENDED with the child

  • Since the child can strangle himself, never attach the product to cords, ribbons, belts or loose parts of clothing.

  • Please check the products for defects, wear and tear or damage before each use

  • At the first sign of defects, wear or damage, please discard the product

  • The soother chain/pacifier chain must not be used as a toy or teething ring


Product notice:


hand wash:
Please use a hot damp towel to clean our items.

Do not rinse our items under running water and do not use detergents.



Please no attempts to clean in  dishwashers or washing machines,  Microwave ovens, steamers, etc.

Do not put in boiling water or in the sterilizer.


We assume no liability for damage and accidents caused by improper handling and non-compliance with the safety regulations and instructions for use for products.

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